Be Kind.

I hardly update my Facebook status.  I don’t think anyone wants to know when I’ve just finished my laundry, had too many mudslides, or funny things my kids say.  Most of the time, I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one that finds them hilarious.  I used to be the queen of “I guess you had to be there.”  I finally realized that I should just chuckle to myself and be happy that I find my kids adorable (and then text my mom, because grandmas are good for that, too).

I do make exceptions, however.  Particularly during this month of pink.  Breast cancer awareness month gives me an excuse to repost other peoples’ tips on prevention, reminders for mammograms, or funny boob stuff.  I’m allowed, it’s October.  PS. Get your mammograms, ladies.  The pink everywhere is a not-so-subtle reminder to do so.

I was perusing my Facebook feed the other day and happened upon an image that I loved. It so perfectly articulated what I aim to teach my kids. It displayed the text, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be kind.  Always.” 4 likes. That’s it. I wasn’t aiming for likes, but that’s it?  I recently posted, “Hey, autocorrect.  I NEVER mean “ducking”.  Arrrg!”  (If you have an iPhone, you know that the autocorrect hates the words Fuck, Yo, and OY.  Apparently, autocorrect is a grammatical-stick-up-the-ass anti-semite.)  How many “likes” for that quip?  30.  And 4 comments!  I guess everyone likes to text “Fuck” more than they like to be kind. Boo. (And not in the Halloween way.)

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