Mother’s Day

Similar to Valentine’s, I don’t like to make a big deal of Mother’s Day for myself. I don’t go into it expecting much, but just like Valentine’s, my husband does his best to wrangle the munchkins and do something special.  He took them swimming yesterday while I was at a friend’s baby shower and when they came home, the big girl said, “Mommy, we got you something!” He quickly shushed her and then when he wasn’t looking, she looked at me with a conspiratorial smile and put her finger to her lips to let me know that I was supposed to keep that hush hush.
As I might have mentioned, my favorite thing right now is sleep.  It’s like when you are on a diet, all you want is cake.  Well, all I want is sleep.  So with kisses and “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes, the hubs took the little ones downstairs this morning and allowed me to snooze.  After a little while, I heard some whining and yelling (nothing unusual) and then a loud bang.  I waited and didn’t hear any crying, but figured, I was up and I went downstairs.  The big girl came running over to me from the craft area of the playroom and exclaimed, “Daddy said, when you open it, hearts will come popping out!” He and I both laughed as he said, “We aren’t ready for you yet, go back up please.”  No one needs to tell me twice to go back into my cozy bed.
It’s funny how I remember spoiling similar surprises for my mom back in the day.  I always felt bad after, but she never seemed to mind.  I get it now.  I love the fact that the big girl is so excited to make me something or give me something.  It’s adorable that she can’t wait to tell me!  I hope she always wants to tell me everything and can’t stop herself from holding it in.  As an over-sharer myself, I can appreciate that quality in her.  I know my mom appreciated it in me (until high school and then I was asked to not tell every detail, because apparently I have no filter).
I often think about how I will try to be a mother to my girls like my mother is to me, fostering the same closeness and trust.  When children are little, the relationship is so one-sided.  The mother constantly providing everything, giving all day, everyday, fueled by unconditional love.  As a child grows up, things become more reciprocal.  As an adult, it’s a choice whether or not to spend time with your parents.  We see our parents because we want to, because of how they make us feel.  It’s pretty incredible that my siblings and I always want to be around our parents.  They make us feel good about ourselves, about our kids and our lives and choices, in general.
Mom – thank you for making me feel smart, special and like I wasn’t always ruining the good surprises in life.  Most of all, thank you for making me feel loved.  I will do the same for my daughters!  Love you.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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