Cliff Notes

I used to tell people that I never read a book (in its entirety) during my high school career. That’s the truth. I “read” the books, but would skip parts. It was one of my few rebellions against authority. I do not like to read things people tell me to read. I want to read what I want to read. So to supplement my required reading, I consulted Cliff Notes. Let’s be real, who didn’t?
While it was frowned upon, as long as there was no plagiarism, they weren’t illegal. And as you can tell, I don’t have an issue expressing my own, unique opinion on any subject. I think Cliff Notes are an acceptable study tool when used appropriately. In fact, when my kids are reading all of those boring, required books I will get my own copies of Cliff Notes again to jog my memory and help them process the deep thoughts these texts are supposed to evoke.
It’s similar to keeping a journal (or perhaps a blog like this). Of course, the real text of life is actually living the everyday experiences, but we make albums and keep notes to remind us later. We are able to recall feelings, smells, and sights when we look back at the images or words. It’s amazing that, in my mind, I think I can actually smell the Crepes cooking on the hot, round cooktop and almost taste the warm Nutella when I look at our pictures from Paris.
My girls have been very into snuggling this week. Not with me so much, but with each other. There are so many joys of parenting and certainly many frustrations, but these moments of sibling affection are some of the very best! I’ve been trying to discreetly capture them with my phone’s camera and document them as well as possible. For these may be fleeting times as the girls get bigger. But I will remind them time and again with these photos. These are the Cliff Notes of their love.

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