I’ve been in a state of disillusion… for 31 years.  I’ve just now realized that I can’t really do everything. I suppose it’s a testament to my parents and the way that they raised us.  (I’m fairly certain my siblings feel the same way.)  We think we can do anything we set our minds to.  We’ve never been told otherwise and we’ve always been encouraged to, at least, try.  With that amazing support, I have always thought that I can do it all.  Alas, my body is telling me otherwise.
Two weeks post-op, I am now green-lighted to lift a gallon of milk.  Yeah, great, my youngest weighs 24 pounds and likes to be held constantly.  A gallon of milk is about 8.5 pounds.  Big difference.  (My big girl who is about 34 pounds has been very understanding is still waiting patiently for me to pick her up.)  I figured that this restrictive guideline was really meant for the majority of post-mastectomy reconstruction patients, meaning: not 31 year olds.  Aside from my dissected pectoral muscles, I’m really quite strong and somewhat fit.  So I shrugged off the warnings and figured that it didn’t really apply to me.
As always, I was half right and half wrong.  Yes, I can physically, and safely, pick up the little one.  But after a day or so of doing it over and over now, I am so sore.  Tylenol definitely helps and while I do not like to complain about it, I still aim to give you the ultimate truths here (whether I like to admit them to myself or not).  I am not super-human. (Although, my brother did use that term to describe both of us yesterday, but he was also trying to invest me in whatever he was talking about.  Flattery gets you everywhere.)  It’s not easy to admit my shortcomings, but as usual, I’m humbled by this process and find the clarity of introspection somewhat freeing. However, I don’t think this new realization will stop me from believing I will be on time somewhere in 10 minutes when it actually takes me 15 to drive there. (I may not be super-human, but I still might have super powers.  I just have to set my mind to trying.)

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