Love and Support

Last night was our first night without the sleepover help of my Mom.  I am so relieved that I was able to pick the little one up and get her back to bed in her crib by myself.  Just shy of two week’s post-op (which was the original recommendation my doctor gave me for lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk), I am able to lift the 24 pound munchkin without a problem.  While I don’t quite feel super-human, I am proud of myself.  Yes, I’m sore, but being able to rock and cuddle my little girl (especially while she’s sick… again) is a huge relief.

This morning was also our first morning back to our usual routine, just me and my gals.  After my husband went to work, I got us all ready, dressed, and out the door.  We were actually early to drop off the big girl at school, which doesn’t even happen on my healthiest, strongest days.  My mother-in-law is going to come over later to help me this afternoon and at bedtime.  That will be so helpful in easing us into the transition towards independence.
I was kind of terrified to be on our own and wondering how it would go.  I have been so lucky that my parents and my mother-in-law have been there for us to help with the girls, the house, the everyday details that were taken for granted before. What would I have done without them?  I wish everyone that has to go through something like this has as much love and support as I have had from them.  They are truly amazing!!!

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