Guilt in Lipo

I keep feeling guilty about the next surgery. Do I really need lipo and nipples? Is this a truly necessary part of this? Do I have to put myself and my whole family through another one of these things? And so soon?
I have tentatively scheduled this next procedure for the end of next month. One part of me thinks it’s like a band-aid, let’s just rip it off and get it over with already. The other part of me is pretty stoked about having a bikini ready body for the summer. And this is probably why I’m feeling guilty and selfish.
Yes, I want the lipo. I don’t like my saddlebags, I’d much rather relocate them to my upper breast area. While I’m really very happy with how my boobs look even 10 days post-op, there is a significant amount of rippling along the décolletage area of my chest. It’s noticeable and not something that I’m prepared to live with forever. The fat transfer will smooth all of that out and make my boobs look more natural.  Not to mention, it will make my thighs look way better, too.  And there it is again, every time I think of that fabulous silver lining, I feel guilty.
Certainly a ripply décolletage would not be becoming and if I didn’t have kids, I wouldn’t hesitate to go forth.  They seem to be the game-changers in all of my decisions (and most often, for the better).  They’ve proved so resilient thus far, hopefully one more surgery won’t be such a big deal for them and for the incredible support system they are (and I am) so lucky to have.

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