Lift and Support

Before I was a Mom, I don’t think I really pushed myself, physically.  I have never aspired to be an athlete.  I don’t dream of completing a marathon and if I’m being totally honest, I have never dreamed of even running a mile. When we had to do it in phys ed in high school, I walked the mile and was always last.  I was totally fine with that.
While I still don’t dream of running… ever, I do feel the need to push myself now.  I want to hold my kids.  Who knew that that would be over-doing it, physically.  I’m not supposed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for the first two weeks post-op.  So I’ve been good and haven’t lifted the girls, but I can’t stop the motherly instincts that make me reach out and catch them when they fall.  This happens a lot (or maybe I just flinch a lot, ask my older brothers who used to roll over laughing every time… “made ya flinch!”).  These sporadic physical moments make me sore.  Not sore enough to need pain meds and not sore enough to stop interacting with them, thank goodness.
I feel mostly back to myself now about 9 days after surgery, just maybe a little more tired than I was before.  My surgeon advised me to really “pack ’em in” when I start lifting the little ones again.  He has told me to wear a bra with excellent support for at least the next 6 weeks.  Day and night, underwire during the day and compression bra at night.  None of this is ideal, but it sure as hell beats the alternative.  As always, I will heed the warnings, follow directions, and wait until Wednesday to lift the babes.

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