You know that feeling you get when there’s something foreign stuck in you and you just don’t want it there anymore?  (No, I’m not referring to your semester abroad).  Whether it’s a piece of your dinner stuck in between your teeth, a splinter in your foot, or the child you carried for the last nine months, you just need it out already!  That’s how I feel about drains.
After my first surgery, I recounted the awful sensation of having drains ripped from my body.  I had four after the double mastectomy.  Two pairs that stayed in me for 8 days and 11 days, respectively.  This time, I only had two and they came out today (4 days post-op).  I won’t soon forget the pain that I felt when those first two sets were removed, so I was incredibly anxious heading into today’s appointment.  Anxious, but eager.  I wanted them out!
I doped up in preparation, taking a Percocet and a Zofran (to avoid carsickness… I can’t drive for 10 days so my favorite chauffeur, Dad, drove me.  Prompt service, door to door, very good rates.).  I was even more nervous knowing that my surgeon wasn’t in the office today and that his young nurse would be taking the drains out.  As she took the dressings off around the drain sites, I quizzed her on how many times she’d done this.  “So, you’ve done a billion of these, right?”  “A billion is a lot,” she responded.  Touché.  I bore down and braced myself for the pain. Amazingly, it did not hurt at all!!  I was so relieved.  This was not like my previous experiences with birthing drains or children.  I cannot wait to sleep drain-free tonight!

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