Artistic Sensibility

My surgeon is an artist. A sculptor, of sorts, he molded my skin around these foreign lumps to make breasts. He did a fantastic job.
When I saw images of reconstructed breasts post mastectomy, they all looked like they were facing out to the sides. Before I went into the operating room last time, my plastic surgeon asked me what my concerns were. I told him and I was shocked at the results. They were pointed in the right forward-facing direction and looked pretty awesome.
Over the past nearly six months (has it really been that long?), I’ve noticed some small imperfections. I think I can attribute them mostly to holding 24 pounds of baby constantly on my left side. As a righty, I need to have my right hand free to do everything and therefore always have one of the girls perched on my left. So I’ve noticed that side is slightly lower. It’s so minimal that my husband doesn’t even notice the difference.
My doctor is going to reinforce the elements that support the implants when he goes in this time. He said I will “feel his footprints” around my ribs and chest on both sides like last time. I’m happy he can fine-tune everything, but also a bit nervous that this is it.
All this time, I’ve been thrilled with the initial results but I’ve also known that part two offers some opportunity to tweak. After this time, that chance is gone. Yes, I will still have the lipo procedure to pad around the area and make it look more natural, but this is it for lift and placement. It’s a good thing my surgeon seems to have an incredible eye and an artistic sensibility. Once again, I’m putty in his hands and have to give up control and simply trust. Never an easy thing for me to do (just ask my husband about my backseat driving).

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