Kina hurra

If you ever see an old Jewish lady spitting, don’t be alarmed. Don’t feel the need to lecture her about how gross and unsanitary it was. She’s already feeling bad enough. In all likelihood she did it because she just gave herself a kina hurra. (Or she finally realized the hard candy that’s been in her purse since 1980 went bad).
A kina hurra is the Yiddish term for when you curse yourself by saying something that will probably end up biting you in the tuchus. For example, tonight I was thinking to myself, “wow, we have gotten through this awful cold and flu season fairly unscathed. Good for us”. The proper reaction would have been to bite my tongue, literally, and then spit those cursed words right out of my mouth. I should have known. Not twenty minutes later, “Mommy, I’ve got the sniffles. I have a cold”.
I try so hard to keep the girls germ free. I encourage hand washing and keep them away from places that I think are carrying the plague during winter (public library, kids gymnastics place, aquarium, etc). My friends all laugh at me because I send texts making sure their kids are all healthy before we play. However, as I have learned about all things parenting, I can’t protect them from everything out there.
I’m hoping that a good night’s sleep and the Vicks Vaporub I just put on her will do the trick. Hopefully, it will knock out whatever bug she’s fighting, but I can’t help feeling guilty. Mother’s guilt and Jewish guilt together, a powerful combination. I better go whip up some chicken soup and start carrying a tissue in my sleeve. Oy!

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