Slutty Toons

Is it just me or are cartoons way too sexualized these days?  I generally think Nick Jr. is a safe channel to put on. I feel confident that my girls won’t be learning anything negative from their programming.  However, in the past few months they’ve been advertising these slutty little fairies called Wink or Winx (‘x’ makes everything more sexy, of course).  They fly around and sing some catchy jingle while clothed in barely there bra tops and skirts.  The don’t bend over for fear of flashing type of skirts.
I’ve already had to deal with Ariel flaunting her midriff when she’s frolicking in the waves and gawking at Prince Eric (I don’t blame her, he’s a hunk). After watching this promiscuous mermaid, the big girl likes to walk around baring her belly and say, “Look, I’m like Ariel.”  I’m scared (although, for the moment, it’s pretty cute).  Lest I think this is a recent problem, I recall Jessica Rabbit, Miss Piggy, Betty Boop.  They, too, were hussies on the prowl like the swoony swimmer.
I don’t know why these fairy commercials are bothering me so much.  I don’t want to tell my girls to hide their bodies, but I’d like them to have some more realistic, positive media images to look at promoting, perhaps, a more innocent, wholesome image. (Do those even exist?)
I know the onus is my own. All things start at home. I have to be the best role model for them.  How am I going to do that when I’m rocking my new post-op bod? I have established how excited I am for the new appearance. I’m going to have to resist my temptation to flaunt it. Perky boobs and slimmer thighs, I want to dye my hair red and pretend I’m Ariel too.

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