365 Days of Gratitude

I recently saw a blank journal for purchase; it was entitled 365 Reasons I’m Grateful This Year.  There was a space for each day of the year.  What an awesome way to teach my kids what it means to be grateful.  But then it occurred to me… maybe I need that journal too? It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday monotony or drudgery of life, but I bet I could find at least one thing to be grateful for each day (and if nothing else, I can be grateful for two little people everyday).
It’s no small coincidence that I happened to see this journal while I was on my way home from my appointment with the breast surgeon last week. You only need one cancer scare to feel an abundance of gratitude every time you walk away with a good report.  I saw her one month post-op and now this time, about 4 months post-op.  For the next two years, I will go back every six months for her to feel around and make sure I don’t have any suspicious lumps.  Then it will be a yearly check.  No mammograms ever again (another thing for which to be grateful).
At first I was a little intimidated thinking of 31 things I could jot down for the month of January, but with a renewed feeling of positivity after my great appointment, I thought I’m going to give this a shot.  So here it goes.  I’m grateful for (in no particular order):
1.  My kids – duh
2.  My husband – although he’s now spending more time at work and studying for the GMATs than with me, I know why he’s doing it and he’s got our very best interests at heart all the time (but ummmm babe, I’m on the second Fifty Shades, so scurry on home and take a break from the computer, thanks)
3.  Fifty Shades of Grey – this needs an honorable mention.  Although it is written so poorly and I feel dumber with each page that goes by, it is highly entertaining!  We will leave it at that.  (ps. no, I’m not a perv, the real kinky stuff is blah to me)
4.  My family – meaning my parents, siblings, their spouses and their kids, and my in-laws.  Their help and support is overwhelming and I often feel my trite words don’t do enough to express my gratitude.  But here they are in the gratitude “journal”, so that should suffice, right?
5.  My new boobs – they rock…. are rock hard right now, but I still love them (even if they can no longer enjoy the nipple action that sexy bitch gets in Fifty Shades)
6.  My surgeons – they are amazing!  From their bedside manner to their skill in the OR and after.
7.  Clorox wipes – with so much poop in the tub, they make my job a lot easier
8.  Laura Mercier – I finally found a lip gloss/stain that I like, that is SPF15 and doesn’t feel like I’m an old lady or have wax caked on my lips – it smells good too
9.  Random Conversation – both with friends and overheard at a coffee shop (I kid you not, this lady just practically screamed, “BJs, we’re all about the BJs.”  and I truly do not think she meant it like we are all thinking she meant it.  It is taking everything in me to not snarf my latte right now)
10.  Lattes – my lifeline
11.  My babysitter – when I took the big one to school this morning with the little one tagging along with us, she folded a mountain sized pile of laundry that I had done yesterday and then played with the little one when we got home so I am getting a half hour to myself at the coffee shop right now.  She makes my life so much easier (special shout out to the huz for working hard enough so that I can have her around.  I feel spoiled but grateful).
12.  Vacation – we haven’t taken one yet this year, but we will and I cannot wait.  I’m also grateful that my parents are having lots of vacation time (and this year I’m able to feel said gratitude in large part thanks to #11 above).  They need time off too (from what, I have no idea?  just kidding)
13.  BRCA testing – reasoning is obvious
14.  Lil Mamas – this almost launched website based on a closed Facebook group that my friend started is amazing and a place to vent when you just can’t do it anywhere else, a place to ask “friends” for advice and not feel judged, and a place to lend support to other moms who are ready to lose their shit everyday, it’s a constant comfort knowing we’re not alone
15.  My iPhone – putting everything at my fingertips so easily and helping me capture the little moments that make up my day (or my life really), keeping me in touch with people so quickly and easily, entertaining my kids when we’re out and about and they’re about to freak. (#15. a. the hope that my best friend will finally get one when her cell contract is up in February so she can finally lose her beeper or StarTac flip phone that has kept me from more constant contact and seeing pics of her adorable boys)
16.  Driving alone – because Mommy likes to break it down and pretend I’m good at singing in the car
17.  Pitbull and FloRida (please note that is NOT pitbulls and Florida, big difference)
18.  Cover-up – this should really be on a list of the things that the people who have to look at me are thankful for
19.  Your Baby Can videos (see previous post)
20.  Saturday office hours at the pediatrician – the little one has another ear infection and since the office was open, she was seen and we are able to give her medicine and nip it in the bud before she was really uncomfortable or even got a fever – major score!
21.  Older siblings teaching younger siblings – especially at 3 and 1, the big girl is an expert on the world according to herself and her sister.  As they both looked out the window the other day, the big girl said to the little, “Yeah, the outside is a world!”
22.  Funny shit kids say – I really get a kick out of the big girl saying TO her daddy with an appreciative hug and an endearing smile, “You are my little girl!”
23.  Pinterest – I just love it, it could take up a spot for everyday on this journal… this is my year of gratitude for Pinterest… nerd alert!
24.  Sleeping in (or really, my husband) – I love sleep, I don’t get it that much, but my husband will take the girls downstairs at 7:30am every weekend so that I can catch a few more minutes/hours (depending on what’s going on that day or their mood).  Soooooo grateful for that. (and a lot of times, I come down and they’re making pancakes and bacon too… who’s better than that guy?  I should really stop complaining about him working too much during the week, but …. I probably won’t)
25.  Not high beaming – this is a perk of not having nipples when it is so bitterly cold.  In high school, one of my friends told me that her “nipples were so hard from the cold, they could cut glass.”  sounds painful.
26.  My friend’s husband, the tree guy – another crazy storm hit the area and thousands were without power and my parents lost three enormous trees.  He cut our trees back the week before Hurricane Sandy and we didn’t have a single limb fall then nor during this storm.
27.  Power
28.  Shazam – I was in a store recently and there was a great song on the radio, I had no idea what it was.  Thanks to this app, I found out the song and have been rocking out to it ever since (Dancing Song by In Search of Elusive Little Comets – they need a way better name for this band)
29.  Real Simple – specifically the January issue featuring an article about being a grown woman and having a fear of being home alone – thank you Real Simple for the validation
30.  Cocoa Butter – it smells so good and moisturizes so well
31.  Friends – old, new, whatever and especially Mom friends who provide an ear for whining and their kids for entertainment
I did it!!!  Check back at the end of February to see if I can do it again (thankfully February is a short month).

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