Judo Chop!

Lately this space has been more about the babes than the boobs.  Motherhood meets mastectomy was what I set out to detail and fortunately, at three and a half months post-op, the boobs are almost a non-issue.  After my last fill of the tissue expanders, I’m in a holding pattern.  I have to wait eight weeks to get the implants and during that time, I’m enjoying a nice break from appointments and injections.
This seems as good a time as any to give a little status update. I hope it serves as a light at the end of the first tunnel for those who are just starting the journey or for those who are contemplating their path.
I feel great!  It’s been a long time since I’ve had any pain (of course that’s partially because I haven’t regained any feeling in my boobs). I certainly haven’t limited any activities; I even did push ups in a dance fitness class last week.  They were totally pathetic, but I did 20 modified push ups (golf claps, please!).  I am loving the fact that my boobs don’t go anywhere when I dance, my girls can snuggle into me, sleep on me and run and hug me as hard as they want to.  I even wore a bathing suit for the first time last weekend to do family swim with my husband and the little ladies.  We had so much fun tossing them high in the air and splashing back down. I loved not having to tuck my old saggies into my suit to hide the cleavage that once seemed almost inappropriate, but totally unavoidable.
Yes, I have some pretty big scars that need covering, but even in just this short amount of time, I’ve accepted them.  I know they’ll fade, but right now they’re still pink and every now and then they peek out of the side boob area if my bathing suit or tank top doesn’t cover them.  I’m cool with it, in fact, I’m pretty proud of them.  My girls are totally used to them in their full glory now.  The big girl finally saw them totally uncovered when I was in the shower nearly a month ago and stared at them for a second and then went on her merry way. She came back and said, “Mommy, those are your boo-boos?”  I said, “Yup, but they feel so much better now.”  And she just said, “Yup.” and again went about her business (which I think was taking advantage of her momentary freedom in my bedroom and trying on all of my jewelry).  For my husband, it also seems to be a non-issue (though I think he’s looking forward to a more natural look and feel with the implants, as am I).
This leads me to my biggest, and maybe only, pet peeve… (get your mind out of the gutter, this is not about sex.  It’s about my long lost lover…) sleep.  Laying down on the tissue expanders is not that awesome because I’m a stomach sleeper (which was most annoying for the first two weeks post-op when I wasn’t allowed to sleep on my stomach).  When I finally get to sleep at night, the hard tissue expanders feel like a couple of grapefruits under my body.  Fortunately for me (I think?) my girls don’t like to sleep, so I don’t have to remain uncomfortable for long as I’m getting up with one or the other every few hours anyway. That frigid sensation of a cold beverage running down the esophagus is still there. And the tenderness of the breast bone without any of its previous padding isn’t ideal when trying to insulate the blow of impressive toddler karate kicks to the chest (apparently I’ve created two mini girl versions of Jean Claude VanDam who also push themselves up from cuddling and nail me right in the same spot with their surprisingly pointy elbows. what happened to all that baby fat?  is it really just all in their chubby cheeks?). All in all, if these are my only complaints at a mere three months out, it’s not too shabby!  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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