Your Baby Can

I don’t understand these law suits against companies like Baby Einstein or Your Baby Can Read. People laughed at us when we sat at the pool in Aruba with our (at the time) 9 month old doing flash cards. Sure, it was a ridiculous sight. We looked like obnoxious over achievers (which I assure you, we are not). However, it was the big girl’s favorite activity and she would do it for such a long time. And anyone with a baby that age knows, if you find something that makes them sit still for more than 10 minutes, you keep that shit on you at all times, like underwear or your iPhone.
I swear it worked. I don’t necessarily think the comprehension was there, but she could recognize words and letters earlier than lots of kids her age. Maybe that was just her academic strength inherently, but we thought, “hey, it couldn’t hurt”.
So these lawsuits are mind boggling to me. What do you think they did to your kid? Were there subliminal messages telling them to take candy from strangers? Were there shady figures that came out of the tv and offered them crack? Wait, what’s that, they offered your child exposure to language and classical music? The friggin’ nerve!!! Tinkerbell taught my daughter how to say, “No, excuuuuse me!” with an attitude. Should Disney be sued? Good luck with that.
I always see these programs as a way to introduce educational lessons to my children. It’s my responsibility to follow up and reinforce. It is my choice to let them watch or not.
In this overly litigious society, is that really what we should be focusing our energies on? To extrapolate further, this Manti Te’O business… really? Why is this such a big issue? Shouldn’t we focus on being proactive in other areas that are so pressing? Can the news stop shining a spotlight on a college football star and start being accountable for their own poor fact checking? Teach our kids responsible reporting and accountability. There is a lesson to be learned here about telling the truth, but it isn’t just this athlete who needs to admit his transgressions. The media does too.
I digress, but I believe that suing these companies is a similar waste of time and energy. It seems they are merely to malign two programs aimed to help children. Both of my girls love the Your Baby Can videos. We’ve even moved on to the ones geared for older kids. My older daughter turned to me last night and said, “I like the hexagon in the bee hive”. Ummm what? I thought those were octagons my whole life! Tell me she’s not learning something!

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