I wouldn’t categorize myself as a TwiMom. Robert Pattinson doesn’t do it for me and if someone asked if I was Team Jacob or Team Edward, my reply would be “who gives a crap?”. That being said, I read all of the books; one right after the other, quite quickly. I have the distinct memory of sitting on my bed when my oldest was an infant, pumping breast milk and reading these books. It was the only activity that distracted me from the unpleasantness of pumping (a task that I never enjoyed, but instead found mostly frustrating, sometimes painful. I hardly pumped for my second, and now will never have to do it again. Another silver lining.).
I have enjoyed seeing almost all of the movies in the theater. This weekend I saw the final chapter of this tale at the movies. I thought it was really well done. A particular quote from the main antagonist struck a chord with me. Of course I can’t recall exactly what it was nor can I find it online, but it was basically the following: We are fearful of the thing we don’t know and that thing should be eradicated.
At first, I thought, yes that’s exactly what I did. I got scared knowing that something was lurking in my DNA. Would I get breast cancer or wouldn’t I? It seemed the odds weren’t in my favor, but ultimately it was still unknown. It wasn’t necessarily fear that motivated me to act, but perhaps that had a small something to do with it.
Then, as they always do, my thoughts spiraled further out of control, truly, this is a powerful statement meant to speak directly to the history of all evil. Isn’t that exactly why this world has known genocide? Or any and all breaches of peace? Or even bullying? It seems to always be a lack of knowledge, understanding and acceptance of anything different or unknown that causes fear and then a powerful reaction to fear. After all, aside from love, what else do people act so vehemently in honor of?
All of these thoughts so quickly started flooding my mind until someone’s head was ripped off (literally) in the movie and I came back to the nonsensical ridiculousness of what I was really meant to think of: vampires, werewolves, and when will Jacob take his shirt off gain? It is a strange day, indeed, when you realize Twilight evokes the deepest thoughts you’ve had in weeks. It might be time for an intellectual intervention.

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