Ahhh Thanksgiving, a most beloved holiday. One of family gatherings, bountiful gluttony and a chance to reflect with gratitude. Nothing says let’s kick off the holiday season quite like pigskin and devouring a huge bird.
This is our first year hosting. We practiced cooking a turkey on our grill last year and we have the menu all planned out. Fortunately, it is a potluck affair with our three sets of parents and an adored family friend. So we don’t feel overwhelmed at all. Couple that with my parents Friday night Thanksgiving (a tradition that affords my siblings and myself the ability to be with our in-laws guilt-free on Thursday) and we are feeling really good. There is so much to be thankful for this year.
I could go on and on listing everything I’m grateful for, but most would be the usual health and happiness of loved ones. It’s my birthday wish every year and I use caution when I say it’s the truth right now. I don’t like to jinx myself, but living in the moment and rejoicing in this state of being is as sweet as the cranberry sauce I just made (and I may have put in too much sugar).
I’m exhausted from running errands and chasing the girls all day, but I’m also feeling invigorated by the fact that only 7 weeks post-op I’m able to toss my baby in the air and hear her delightful giggle. I can lift the big girl up onto my hip with just one arm and give and get a big squeezey hug. I can host Thanksgiving dinner and carry the twenty pound bird to the counter for its own breast manipulation. Last year when I practiced the turkey prep, I lifted the skin and massaged compound butter into the breast. I didn’t think that just a year later, my skin would have been lifted and all of my breast “meat” removed. Yes, that makes me feel like one lucky bird. Happy Thanksgiving!

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