Be Prepared

I am a classic over-packer. The first vacation we ever took as parents, I had a case of organic baby food, a package of diapers, a package of swim diapers, and an assortment of outfits for the baby in each checked bag. My parents were with us and I insisted their bags had the same. My dad swore he would not comply with that craziness ever again. The year before, my bag had gotten lost for 4 of the 7 days we were on vacation. I was not going to take a chance when it came to my baby.
Hurricane Sandy approaches and the warnings and hysteria have already begun. Everyone is on high alert. The supermarket is sold out of shelf stable items and batteries. So, my husband and I bought Fluff, fig newtons and five boxes of the cereal bars that the big girl likes. Along with her Pediasure and pretzels, she will enjoy her ideal menu for days.
Part of me wants to be one of those people who is incredibly prepared and part of me thinks I’m jinxing myself by either being over prepared or by not being prepared at all. I’m over thinking it, it’s not like a tornado. Tornadoes scare the crap out of me. There’s barely any warning for them. With a hurricane, we know what could be coming our way. Hopefully we are as prepared for this hurricane as we are for breast cancer. Hopefully we have mitigated the risk of the storm by getting our flashlights, bottles of water and non-perishables together for our best chance of survival.
After all, didn’t my surgery just prove our resolve to survive? We assessed the odds my BRCA1 results gave me and prepared, as necessary, to eliminate the risks. We are heeding the warnings of our town officials, but we aren’t scared. Sometimes you really have no choice what life or Mother Nature throws at you. You just adapt and survive as best you can. There’s no telling what lies ahead, but we are as prepared as we will ever be.

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