Through Aqua Colored Lenses

Since 1996 I have worn contact lenses to see long distance. Does that make me near-sighted or far-sighted? I can never remember. My contacts have always been shaded slightly the color aqua. Sometimes people ask me, “is that your real eye color?”. I always tell the truth, but usually follow with an explanation that goes something like: “yes, but my real eye color is very close. See?” And then I reach up and push my contact aside to show that, indeed, my eyes are a duller version of what they’ve seen two seconds before they were completely grossed out by someone touching their eyeball right in front of them. What am I trying to prove?
I suppose I’m always eager to show people that although I like my eye color to pop, I’m not fake. So many people have told me to just lie and “who’s business is it anyway?” and honestly, who really cares? All true, but I can’t bring myself to lie. I like my aqua lenses. My real eye color changes with what I’m wearing sometimes, reflecting off of light or colors from my clothing. So tonight after I took my lenses out and got ready for bed, I was kind of shocked to see in the mirror that my eyes looked almost exactly the same as they did when the lenses were in. I quickly got my phone and took a picture to capture the proof. And again thought, who cares? Who am I really going to show these to? And for what purpose?
There’s an episode of Seinfeld when Teri Hatcher guest stars as one of Jerry’s dates. She famously said, “they’re real and they’re spectacular!” She was referring to her boobs, of course. I always thought that was funny and felt proud that (at least before I had kids and maybe for a year in high school – probably when that episode aired), mine were also real and pretty spectacular. So now what? As someone who clearly has a problem being perceived as fake and who, often to a fault, likes to be utterly honest, what am I going to say about my breasts?
I don’t think the question will come up too often. I think people are way more comfortable asking about my colored contacts than if I have implants, but part of me also thinks like when I disgustingly manhandle my eyeball in front of inquisitive minds, I will problem go into a short version of my double mastectomy. I’m compelled to share my story most often as a way to educate, but is there part of me that wants people to know that I altered my body for a medical reason and not for vanity’s sake? I guess, but I’m also really looking forward to lipo and that’s not just because it will make my boobs look more natural. When all’s said and done and though I love to keep it real, I’m still rocking some plastic boobies and enjoying the view through my aqua colored lenses.

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