Sweet Relief

Ya know that scene from the 40 Year Old Virgin when Steve Carrel gets his body hair waxed? That’s how I felt today when I got two of my drains out. Holy Shit!!! (And then add every other profanity that he screamed too). I told the doctor that the extraction ranked up there with childbirth and my epidural never even kicked in when I delivered my older daughter. Fortunately though, it was quick and had that same sense of release once the alien-like object was out. I was definitely not prepared for that feeling though.
I haven’t been feeling all Mary Sunshine for the past two days. At one of my drain sites (I had a total of four), I was having an allergic reaction and every time the tube moved, I was in pretty significant pain. For those that have the pleasure of not knowing what a drain is (like me, blissfully ignorant, a week ago), it feels like you’re an octopus. Long tubes hang out of your body with a squeezeable plastic bulb at the end. It collects the excess fluid your body outputs after this kind of procedure. Twice daily, I have to empty the bulbs and record their outputs (in milliliters) to report back to my doctor. Fortunately, half of them had begun to produce almost nothing and were ready to come out. Thankfully, they were the two that were most irritating.
I’m always at odds now when I have to go back into the city for an appointment. It’s a minimum of three hours out of the day and away from my girls. My doctor gave me the option to wait until Monday and while I didn’t want to leave my girls or ask my dad to drive me once again, the pain was overwhelming. I had to get them out.
I know the big girl is still feeling my absence. Even though I’m at home now, I’m not the same super involved Mommy. I have to rest and I can’t swing her around or cuddle up close. That has truly been the most painful part of this whole experience. However, now that I’m two drains down and two to go, I’m less worried about snuggling. The big girl, at least, can sit by my side while I read her a book. And although it’s still tough with the little one, she did get to lay in my lap for a little while today. For me, that offered its own sweet relief. All in all, many milestones to be thankful for today.

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