When I was younger and someone said “Count your blessings”, I never thought much about the meaning. I was probably mad because it’s usually an expression said in response to someone being ungrateful. When you’re in the thick of a difficult time, it seems almost impossible to see everything you have instead of everything you’re losing.
In the days leading up to my surgery last week, I often thought “I don’t really have to go through with this, it’s not like I have cancer yet.” Of course, I did go through with it and indeed, my doctor just called me to say my pathology report was perfect – no signs of cancer at all. Thank God!
Tragedy happens every day. We lose loved ones, we lose money, we lose body parts. Most often, it feels, we lose our minds. Getting caught up in the sorrow and mourning these losses is normal and absolutely part of the process. But when we are ready to look from the other side, it feels amazing to recognize everything we have.
The tremendous amount of support I’ve received has been overwhelming. An abundance of delectable goodies, flower deliveries, gifts for me and my girls; I’m blessed with friends and family who have shown how much they care. More than any material thing I could ever have, I am blessed with true friends and a wonderful family. Now with the report from my doctor, I am blessed with good health. I may have lost my breasts, but what I’ve gained is so much better! More blessings than I can even count!!

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