Good Omens

This weekend was full of firsts. We took the big girl into the city to see a Broadway show (a gift from the grandmas). Her first time on the train, first time in the big city, and her first time on Broadway. She loved the special time with Mommy and Daddy (little sis stayed home with the grandparents). I loved seeing her excited expressions every step of the way.
Then today was a typical Sunday. Swim lesson, walk to town, hang out at the bookstore and clean the house. Usually I don’t get too bent out of shape if the house isn’t perfect but now I have a deadline. It’s worse than pregnancy nesting.
It’s almost like going on vacation. I need everything in order and packed up. List items crossed off to prepare for the journey. I was starting to feel bogged down from both the clutter of my office and the feeling that I was missing time with my girls just so I could clean, when I stopped to look out the window. Little did I know there was a gift outside.
Side by side rainbows stared back at me. The one on the bottom was the brightest, most vivid rainbow I’ve ever seen. The little girl was napping but I quickly grabbed my big girl and brought her out to see it. It was the first rainbow she’s ever seen in the sky. These few precious minutes were exactly what I needed. I don’t generally believe in anything mystical or signs from above or beyond, but I couldn’t help thinking maybe this one meant something. I have been so worried about the unknown on the horizon that I haven’t truly pictured what this is all going to be like in the end. As we stared at Mother Nature’s present, my daughter said, “it’s gorgeous”. And so, it will be.

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