Daddy Time

I feel like I’m Rosie Pope. Except instead of teaching over-indulgent, under-estimating new parents, I’m showing my amazingly involved husband the ins and outs of my routine with our kids. Obviously, he knows everything there is to know about them; their likes and dislikes, how to get them to bed, how to bathe them, etc. He just doesn’t know how to do it alone yet.
During the week (if I don’t have any help), I generally do the daily routines by myself with the girls. Waking up, getting breakfast, getting dressed, all the way to dinner time, bath time, bedtime. We have a routine and structure for each part.
I am a person who thrives on a schedule. My husband, not so much. I remember thinking before I had kids that I would write down a timeline for each day of the week and vary it as needed to provide the right amount of structured activity with educational instruction, playtime, puzzles, reading etc etc. It goes without saying that that idea flew out the window the first time we had a projectile poopsplosion just before leaving the house and trying to be somewhere on time. But I find that my big girl and I do better when we have a routine (the little one likes her bedtime routine but that’s about it so far).
As I have been trying to show their father how to do all of it without my help this weekend, it’s been comical. I’m all, “no, you’ve got to do it like this. She likes it this way”. And he’s all, “nah, this is how Daddy does it! See, she likes that too. Booyah!”. Ok fine, sometimes she does but other times I’m in my head saying “5, 4, 3, 2, cue meltdown now”. I’m trying to tell him the tricks of the trade and he is confident they’ll figure it out as they go and that breaking out of the routine won’t hurt anyone. He’s right, it won’t, but when you take an extra 20 minutes to put jammies on at night then she might get her second wind and what could have been an easy bedtime, now becomes another 45 minutes of giggles and “last time of lots of last times” to show you a new dance move.
I suppose I have to relax and give up that last modicum of control I’m trying so hard to hold onto. They will figure it out and hopefully they will enjoy their little vacation with daddy home for a week. My mom has told me many times that this is why kids have daddies. They are the foil to Mommy. They show children another way of thinking or doing something to further their understanding of how things work or that there’s more than one right way to solve a problem. I have to be patient and let them find their groove. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But then again, if Daddy and his girls were building it, between the giggles and the gummy bears breaks (not allowed with Mommy), it might take a bajillion years. Only time will tell.

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