I realized last night that my 3 year old daughter and my 36 year old brother have the same taste in music. They were both dancing and singing to LMFAO. I don’t know if the choice of song was really appropriate for either of them, but it was a pretty awesome scene. Music has an unusual way to transcend boundaries and bond people, to encourage brain development and to lift spirits.
My big girl tells us she’s going to be a “conductanor” for Halloween. And then she waves her hands around as if there’s an orchestra she’s commanding. Her love of music and instruments transcends far beyond the pop genre (thank God). She jams out to Weezer, to Shakira (still pop but perhaps a bit more cultural) and even to Mozart’s classical symphonies. She will watch a YouTube video of guitar instruction and then pick up her guitar and show me, “mom, these are my chords”. Even the baby starts bouncing now when she likes a song. We are thrilled with the big girl’s obvious passion and want to provide her every opportunity to learn more. She will undoubtedly benefit from her musical exploration and education. You must be dedicated and disciplined to excel as a musician; valuable attributes to learn as a young person. For those of us who are music lovers but not necessarily talented enough to pursue playing an instrument, listening to music has its own benefits.
On my way to my very last mammogram today, I was rocking out to my own playlist (I remembered headphones this time, phew). It occurred to me that whenever I’m sad or nervous or angry, if I play the right music, all of those emotions subside. I choreograph dances in my head as I bop along and I wind up feeling so much better. I’m transported to a new place, not quite zen, but still relaxing. People put together playlists to motivate themselves while they work out. I’m going to work on a new playlist that can pump me up before I go under.

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