Bucket List

Coordinating my schedule for the next few weeks before surgery has been a challenge. I have tons of doctors’ appointments, things to do with my girls, dinners that I want to plan with my husband and my friends. So much to cram into the next few weeks before I’m out of commission for a while. I know it’s morbid, but it made me think about those with a harder schedule to handle. Those whose prognosis isn’t as promising as mine will be post-op.
Many make a bucket list of things they want to accomplish before their expiration. I totally understand that. My recent list is paltry in comparison to the to-do list I have mentally jotted down for the rest of my existence. Places I want to go, things I want to learn, experiences I want to have, food I want to taste. All of it pales in comparison to those I want to spend time with. If I had the choice to go on my dream trip to accomplish all of the above or to be with my family during my last days, you can imagine which option I’d pick. Packing is such a pain in the ass.

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