Fashion Rut

I have been in a mom style fashion rut since I got pregnant with my older daughter. It’s not due to body image issues regarding baby weight gain or redistribution of weight (which seems to inevitably happen with age and subsequent pregnancies). I attribute my horrible style to being cheap and lazy.
Luckily (for my husband, maybe), I am the thrifty one. He’s the one that encourages me to buy whatever clothes I want and has never ever said, “that’s ridiculous”, “too expensive” or “take it easy”. He makes the money, but I pay the bills. As a stay at home mom, I think that works to the benefit of our wallet. I typically don’t have the time to shop for myself, but when I do, I have a good sense of what’s available for discretionary spending. Hence, my preference for fewer clothing and accessories for me and more yummy/convenient food or activities for the girls or house projects that we will enjoy far longer than a shirt I might wear twice this year (because God forbid I’m seen thrice in the same thing – damn you Facebook). It’s also hard to justify buying lots of new stuff when all of the old stuff fits and is “classic” (read boring).
I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I’ve accepted my body. I carried and gave birth to two kids with this get up. At last, I’ve figured out how to dress to play up the good features and downplay the bad. I’m over the fad trends that won’t last, I don’t have to force myself into a miniskirt just because a magazine says I should.
So now that I’m changing this body and entering into a new era of perkier and perhaps smaller breasts and slimmer hips (fingers crossed), do I get the luxury of fitting into styles I never imagined I ever could? Part of me desperately hopes so, part of me doesn’t feel like venturing out and spending the money. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to buying fewer granny bras and more strapless dresses! I better get a second job to pay for what could be an addictive new post-op side effect.

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