Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year again. I can feel the faintest crisp in the air. Fall. That glorious season is upon us; blank notebooks, sharpened pencils, and fantasy football drafts. Goodbye Sunday. Goodbye Monday night. “Are you ready for some football?”
Our household is a virtual fantasy land these days. Before we had kids, fantasies had only two varieties: sexual or football. At least football gave me a break (even if it came with my husband obsessively refreshing the computer screen and/or yelling at the tv). These days, our fantasies are more likely to start with, “…and what beautiful princess are you going to be today?”. My husband and I use our creativity to craft tall tales of mermaids or fairy princesses to play out the fantastical images our daughters fall asleep thinking about.
At the end of our exhausting days, what beautiful imagery do we get to see? For my husband, I’m sure it includes his fantasy football lineup actually playing as a team and racking up enough points for him to win the championship. For me, I have many deep and thought provoking ideas as I fall asleep. I dream of a time where modern medicine has accomplished genetic modification and my girls won’t have to worry about the BRCA gene. I fantasize about a world without war. And like every other woman, I think about walking on a gorgeous beach with aqua waves lapping at my feet sinking into the perfect white sand. My body looks awesome in a bikini (even after popping out 2 or 3 kids) and I have perky boobs and slimmed down hips. Thanks to the reconstruction and lipo I’m going to get, finally a fantasy that can become a reality.

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