Pay It Forward

The past week has been chock full o’ nuts. Crazy. One best friend visiting from Spain and another best friend about to move across the country. We partied last weekend and then prepped all week for the going away bash we threw last night at our house. And right in the middle of it all, I went to my breast surgeon and set the date for my surgery.
It’s been a whirlwind. I haven’t actually come to grips yet with just how imminent this date is. We still have the little one’s first birthday to celebrate and the big one’s first day of school to get through, but the date looms ahead of me like a tropical storm gaining force and speed.
Last night was pretty awesome. From the ribs my husband barbecued to the smiles on our friends faces as we danced in the backyard at 2am; start to finish, a great time. None of it would have gone off so well without the tremendous support we’ve gotten from my parents.
While trying to cook, prep and decorate for the party, the little one got sick. Having a fever and throwing up for the two nights prior and being totally miserable during the day, the poor thing needed our attention. I was a nervous wreck about how I’d be able to care for her and throw the party we had so looked forward to. As usual, my parents swept in and distracted the kids when we needed them to, ran to the hardware and grocery stores for us when we had to take the baby to the doctor, played sous chef by chopping and blanching veggies, did dishes, and just generally did whatever we needed them to do. My dad wrapped up all the leftovers while my mom stayed upstairs and made sure the baby was okay so I could relax and party. Then she got up this morning and played with the girls so we could sleep a little. As I’m writing this, I’m kind of wondering what I did to contribute? When we thanked them as they left, I asked how we could ever repay them. My mom said, “Pay it forward. Do it for your girls, too.”.
To have two people who show me more and more each day how to be the best parent to my girls makes me feel so lucky. (even if I did get one crap gene in that bargain, I’ll take it). They continue to exemplify what I’d like to become. I thought at this point in my life, I’d be the one giving back to them, but it still feels the other way around. In the year ahead and during my recovery, I’m going to be leaning on them still. I hope when all of that is behind me, I can be the one that helps them to have more fun, enjoy their lives and be less stressed because that’s certainly what they’re doing for me. I will absolutely pay that forward to my kids, too.

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