I’ve often expressed my frustrating lack of brain power lately. When emailing with a friend, she told me she’s been keeping up with my blog via RSS feed. Shamefully, I had to look up what that was. As I explained to her, if it doesn’t start with “how to” and end with “your child” I haven’t read about it. Feeling more idiot than engineer, I used the Google to find out who is RSS and what is he feeding my friend. Can I get some?
To put it simply (because that’s all I can handle), RSS is a technology that delivers new content from websites that update frequently. After downloading the free FeeddlerRSS app to my phone, I’m now getting, the New York Times headlines and my friend’s blog posts via RSS. All in one spot. Did you know about what’s going on in the Middle East? Awful!
It’s ironic, because I’ve been telling my husband for the past three years, “if only there was a way that I could just see the headlines in one place, I swear I’d be less stupid.” We shall now see about that. You can henceforth look forward to hard hitting journalistic entries from me. My commentaries on the politics and news from around the world will be enthralling, to say the least. (disclaimer: don’t hold your breath). I am really resisting the urge to add Perez Hilton to my repertoire. I don’t need any help being distracting by dumb shit that has zero to offer by way of intellectual stimulation. Check back post surgery when I will, for sure, have added that and other incredibly daft celebrity gossip blogs.

2 thoughts on “RSS

  1. Love it! And I am not ashamed to admit that I have not only PerezHilton in my feed, but also CocoPerez,, TMZ, and TheSuperficial. Don't judge.

  2. Twitter is also a good way to get all of your headlines in one place! Life doesn't always have to be intellectual … it's nice to relax and check out what the crazy celebs are up to sometimes! Even your brain needs a rest sometimes!

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