Hi Friends,
‘Sup? Please stop posting any more amazing photos from your African safaris. The extraordinary tales of the incredible wildlife sightings and cultural experiences are making it really hard for me to dissuade my husband from going too (with or without the girls in the future). The stories you’ve shared of being one with the animals and your unexpected sense of calm is making my “we are going to be scared shitless” argument really weak. I’m so happy you’ve departed safely, but please don’t tell my husband the truth of your awesome adventures.
Seriously though, my dear friend from college is in the middle of an 87 days around the world exploration with her husband. Their blog is a testament to their adventurous spirits and willingness to step out of their comfort zone and experience life. It’s quite inspirational, especially to a worry-wort homebody like myself. It’s definitely a risk to travel the world, not always certain of what you’ll encounter. If only we all took a little step out of our cultural comfort.
I have always said that the more you expose yourself to other peoples’ languages and cultures, the greater your appreciation of diversity. If more people learned about others, the more tolerance there’d be worldwide. And… World Peace (pageant wave, hand on hip, chin down, smile at judges).
My husband and I usually try to operate with a risk/reward mentality. Is what we want to do now really worth it in the long run? And typically, we err on the side of conservative caution. Not always yielding the greatest reward, but health and safety are rewards we are the most appreciative of. Yes, my surgery is a risk, but the reward of healthy longevity is more than great!
My reticence to experience an adventure similar to the safaris of my friends is a risk my husband is undoubtedly ready to take. I’m still on the fence or maybe a hundred yards back. I’m not worried about being eaten, maybe just maimed or otherwise impaled? For me, the animal adventure is not yet worth the risk. Let’s see how I feel with new boobs. Maybe tigers and lions are into organic meat? Soon I will be genetically modified and perhaps less tasty to them. And with flotation devices built in, I’ll be harder for crocodiles to drag down and roll under water in preparation for consumption. See, with an imagination like this, I would not be a very good safari travel companion. Not worth the risk.

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