Life is a Joke

I always try to approach things with a sense of humor. Try. Sometimes that’s just not possible. When we were in Paris, there was a store close to our hotel that had t-shirts of famous people. They had their finger painted with a fake mustache held in front of their nose. Under the picture, it says “Life is a Joke”. At first I thought, “that’s a little offensive and why is that in English?”. But as I pondered further, I thought that’s not such a terrible way to approach everyday life. Ya know, keep it light. Obviously, life can be quite serious. My present predicament is no exclusion. But come on, if I can’t laugh then all I’d do is cry. Who wants to be around a total drag? No one likes a Debbie Downer.
It was kind of fitting that the French were selling a shirt with this saying. Apparently the French attitude towards cancer is similar to everything else. (“pfft”, shrug, drag from cig). Do they not have a Surgeon General over there? My husband asked me one day, “at what age is it acceptable to start smoking? At 12, you get smacked, but your parents might bum a cig from you at age 13?”. It seems laissez-faire lives on in France. Or perhaps they just don’t take life as seriously as they do their cheese and wine?

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