My father has told me that children are like little investments. You put in time, effort, knowledge, values, and let’s face it, a buttload of cash into them and then watch them grow as you wish the stock market would. Of course the cash advances on these little investments might not yield monetary dividends, but something else entirely. Isn’t it like everything that is worth doing in life? You have to work at what is most rewarding: marriage, parenting, your career, friendships, etc.
I’m considering my double mastectomy to be an investment in my future. It’s definitely going to be hard work, but the outcome will yield great results. Think of my life expectancy as a stock chart. At this moment, it may look like a mountain with one side a gradual incline and the next a rapid decline at a point far too close to the present. But post-op, I’m banking on a very rich and much longer incline; a long term investment.

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