La lune de booby. Translation: Boobymoon.
As a fifth anniversary surprise, my husband shocked me with a trip to my favorite city ever. We left Thursday evening and returned last night, Monday. A quick and perfect trip. My parents and my mother-in-law watched the girls together. And my brother, sister-in-law and nieces stopped by to entertain them as well. It sounded like our little ones had an awesome, fun-filled weekend too.
I’d love to go into detail about everything we saw and ate, the architecture and charm of the buildings and city streets, the smells and sounds that are so alluring. This is not the place. My appreciation and love for the foreign city pales in comparison to those emotions I feel for my husband.
I’m sure Paris wouldn’t be his first choice for an decadent, luxurious long weekend getaway, but he knows it’s mine. Vacation planning is not his passion or forte and neither of us like to fly. However, he executed this trip perfectly to make me happy. He was thrilled to just walk around the city with me, letting me play guide and visiting all of my favorite spots. He even spent 8 hours of his birthday on the flight home.
Our vows said “in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad”. These were definitely the healthy, good times that precede the sickly, bad ones to come. The memories from this trip will get me through the rough voyage we face ahead. I once wrote about painting the walls of mind with an image of Monet’s water lilies. I have a fresh new version in my head now. The backdrop that will help me remain calm. And certainly, the best part of this vacation was spending time just being us. Without the everyday mundane insanity of life, we got to hang out, joke around and enjoy each other. The other beautiful part was knowing that the girls were totally fine in our absence. They were happy, they were well taken care of, they were with family. Our parents are so giving and selfless. So much of my fear of the little ones’ well-being after my surgery has been alleviated.
The trip was short, but sweet. Long enough to give us a break, short enough to get us home before anyone got homesick. Plenty of time to remember that even though I have to go downstairs to get him after he falls asleep on the couch… a lot, my husband is the absolute best!!

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