I need a haircut so badly. I can’t decide if I want to grow it out a little before surgery or keep it short. Will it be more manageable longer or shorter? I feel more stylish with it short in a lob (ya know, a long bob a la Katie Holmes when she and Tom were insanely happy, literally). But to say that anything makes me look stylish is a long shot. I’ve been in a fashion rut since my first pregnancy test showed two lines (and way longer than that if I’m keeping it real). Regardless, it’s looking sloppy so I’m going to go this weekend to get a cut.
My three year old needs one too. She’s only ever had one real haircut in her life and that was over a year and a half ago. I can’t bear to cut the inch or two of bleach blonde that is at the tip of her nearly butt-grazing locks. Alas, she can’t be the kid whose hair is tucked into her underwear on the first day of school. And my routine of cutting her bangs while she’s asleep is getting pretty old (and very choppy). Plus, someone keeps nagging me that she can’t see (you know who you are). She’s not going to be thrilled about getting a haircut so I’m thinking I will let her watch part of mine to show her how fun and luxurious it is. I also want to start laying the ground work that changing your appearance doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
Luckily when I come home after my surgery I won’t be totally washboard flat. Going from a DD to nothing would definitely be a major change. The surgeons told me that I’d probably come home as a B cup and then get filled to a comfortable size gradually after that. Maybe I can tell her my changing breast size is like a haircut and they’ll grow back to a “length” I like. In their current shape and form, length is a fairly accurate description.

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