Olympic Spirit

I love the Olympics. I’m definitely not a fanatic. I don’t have to stay home to watch a particular event, but I’ve been known to DVR gymnastics and swimming. I like the sense of unity, peace, determination, and tenacity. The Olympic spirit can teach people a lot about discipline, hard work, passion, sacrifice and achievement.
Unfortunately, the opening ceremonies did not reflect those wonderful aspects of the games. Instead it was a huge disappointment, almost a joke. I mean, the Queen as a Bond Girl? Really? Mr. Bean? Seriously? Poor Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer, they had their work cut out for them. Even Camilla looked embarrassed. And she was the prince’s mistress for crying outloud!
Did the Brits not see China’s opening ceremonies? Instead of a reflection of the athletes’ amazing aptitude displayed in art and performance, we got the industrial age. And that was only after a cow pooped on the opening stage. Oh London, do you want to be remembered just for Mary Poppins and the nightmares of sick children in hospital beds?
And poor Paul McCartney. When will his service to his country be over? They’ve been pimping him out since he was an adolescent with bangs. They could have saved a ton of money and time if they had just put Kate Middleton in a beach volleyball “uniform”. Isn’t that what the world wants to see from London? That, or her positive pregnancy test. Someone could have reminded her to smile, but if I were her, I probably wouldn’t have been smiling much either.
Beijing’s ceremony had me watching with my mouth open in awe. Not so for London. The only exception was the glamour shot of David Beckham driving the boat with the Olympic torch. Finally!!! Something worth looking at (add a little drool to my expression).
Come on World, step it up! Or start learning Chinese.
Not only did they set the standard unbelievably high, but it’s not simply the Olympics. It’s across the board. My husband sent me an article about Chinese hackers who have been breaking into computer code and learning information about the rest of the world’s economic problems before they’re out in the open. Privileged information that can help them get ahead before we even know we’re behind. What doesn’t have a “Made in China” stamp on it these days? It’s everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if my new implants were made there. I might have to sign a waiver so my areola tattoo says “Made in China” written around my new nipple. I’m not really psyched about that. This isn’t Spring Break ’99. Hey party girls, your Asian inspired tat that you think says “Strength”? It really says “Made in China”.

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