A little information overload. The hubs and I just interviewed two plastic surgeons. Then we got dinner at one of my favorite NYC Mexican joints. Well after a frozen pomegranate margarita, tableside guacamole and crab empanadas, my recollection of everything discussed is deliciously fuzzy.
This surgery gets more and more real with every milestone. Choosing a plastic surgeon is just another step towards the big day. Let’s start by saying that plastic surgeons in New York City make their offices feel like luxury hotels. They know who they’re catering to. After we left the second appointment I asked my husband if he was tempted to take off his pants and chill in his boxers with his feet up on the plush, champagne-colored couch in the waiting room while watching some tube. He laughed, but I think the answer in his head was the same as mine, “hells yeah!”.
There are so many options for reconstruction. The actual removal of the breast tissue doesn’t seem up for debate, but there are several ways to do the new rack. One doc seemed open to some discussion on my preference of scar and implant type. The other was pretty confident in what he thought was my best bet. In this way, I’m kind of leaning towards the one who knew what he thought the best course of action was. I don’t know if I should think of it like bringing my car in for service. If there’s something wrong with the engine, I’m not about to tell the mechanic how I think he should fix it. How the fuck should I know?
They are both fairly certain that nipple sparing is not an option for me. Instead, they both recommend creating a new nipple from my scar with areola tattoo (I really want to go all Kat VonDee and get some funky design but I think it might freak my girls out and my husband a little too). One said a lateral scar from an elliptical incision is best, the other gave me an option to have an anchor scar similar to those used in breast reduction surgeries.
The biggest difference was probably their preference for implant type. One liked the new “gummy bear” kind that has a teardrop shape, the other preferred a silicon cohesive gel that would then be padded later to give a more natural look. I’m going to have to research a little to find out the differences and what women who have had them say about both.
They were both very nice, very confident and knowledgeable. I think I’d be in good hands with either one. The office manager in one doctor’s office was so bubbly and sweet, accommodating my schedule and assuring us that we will not pay anything out of pocket. She said they will fit me in whenever we decide to set the date. That doc even gave me his cell phone number and told me to call or text with any other questions. He also mentioned the emotional aspects of the surgery. He seems like he gets it. Is this just a good sales tactic? Like his swanky office where we want to host a cocktail party? Or is this genuine sympathy for a 30 year old mom of two going through something pretty major? Whatever it is, it’s working. So are all of the fresh flowers and silver platters in his office. I’d like a cappuccino and chocolate with my turn down service and new boobs, please.

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