I’ve posted before about being your own best advocate or advocating on behalf of your kids. This came into play once again during the big girl’s surgery last week. I urge everyone to keep a detailed list of past medications you’ve taken, dosages and any reactions. While I do trust the doctors and surgeons that we’ve chosen for ourselves and our kids, a little check and balance is always appropriate.
My poor little dear has had so many ear infections in the past. I’ve administered way too much pink strawberry-flavored amoxicillin. Luckily, this made me all too aware that the dosage prescribed by the surgeon, for her to take as a preventative measure against infection, was double the amount she’s ever had. Double!!
I’m happy I knew this and although I’m really not one who easily questions “authority”, I called the doc’s office before administering the first dose. Sure enough, the weight “they” had told him was not right and so he had over-prescribed. While he and his associate both assured me it wouldn’t have been unsafe for her to take it, I’m still happy I called and double checked. Aside from the obvious concern that perhaps it really would have been unsafe, it would have also been hellish to administer double (see previous post on her Scientology-ish preferences). If I had to give her double what I’ve been giving her between the pain medication, the ear drops and the antibiotics, would I have had to double the jellybeans she’s been bribed with? Next up, parent-inflicted cavities?

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