I have found the seventh layer of hell. It’s the post-op pediatric recovery room. Coming out of anesthesia is an out of body experience as it is. Now try being three years old and not knowing what the fuck just happened to you, where you are or who you’re with. My poor little lady. I have to hand it to the nursing staff though. They were compassionate, skilled and calm. Their demeanor brought me relief in those scary moments seeing my child possessed, disoriented and in pain.
Doctors are revered for their knowledge, skill, and confidence, as they should be, but their support staff should not be forgotten or under appreciated. It’s the nurses who do the set up for the surgeon to operate so efficiently. It’s the nurses who often relay all of the vital pre- and post-op instructions to patients. It’s the nurses who cradle your child as they wake up so violently from an unknown dimension.
I am so grateful to have had such a sweet, competent and serene nursing staff helping us through my daughter’s surgery. These unsung heroes of the OR need some serious recognition. Yes, the doctor is the captain, but how could he navigate through choppy waters without his crew?

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