I got stung by a bee the other day. That hasn’t happened since I was a little kid, running around tempting those little buggers with drippy Popsicles and pink cotton candy. This one was just hopping around the pavement surrounding the baby pool and I stepped right on it. It hurt like a b___! (everyone has a different b word for that expression, pick your favorite or use all of them in a row because it really friggin hurt). I’m glad it was me though, and not one of my girls or my niece or my mom who were all there.
My tolerance for pain is pretty high (first daughter’s epidural didn’t kick in until after she was born – where’s my medal?). So when I felt the sting, I hopped around a little, yanked the stinger out and dunked my foot in the pool. Problem solved.
Like every parent, I’m hoping that my girls inherit some things from me and not others. Nose, no thanks. Love of ballet, yes. BRCA gene, hells no. High tolerance for pain, yes please. And I’m hoping that that is proven tomorrow.
My big girl is having tubes implanted in her ears and possibly her adenoids out. I’ve mentioned how anxious I am about it, but now the guilt is setting in. When we saw the doctor, it wasn’t black and white in the sense that she absolutely needed them. He said she was “a good candidate and if we don’t do them now, I’m pretty sure you’ll be back in my office soon”. I have repeated justifications to myself over and over like a mantra. When she gets these chronic ear infections she is so miserable. She’s building up immunities to vital medications from repeat exposure. And what if she ends up with hearing loss from all of these infections and that impacts her ability to learn? How could I not do this? Right?
Of course, this was a joint decision with my husband, but he’s a man and he’s not Jewish or Catholic, so the guilt doesn’t register with him (trust me, I’ve tried it as a persuasion tactic for many years). Luckily, he’s more focused on how we will get through the day. I hope she handles the pain well and her recovery is smooth. I hope we look back on this and say it was one of the best things we’ve done for her. I hope she can stop covering her ears every time she hears a loud truck go by or the flush of a public toilet (yeah, I know that’s a weird wish but it’s tough to convince her “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” doesn’t fly in public restrooms). Here’s hoping.

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