Again, my husband has control of the remote. He’s flipping between Mountain Men on the history channel and some program in human aquatic evolution on animal planet. I believe it’s leading up to “proof” of mermaids. This is only mildly interesting to me, but he’s totally engrossed in both shows.
The narrator is showing links that prove humans could have evolved into sea creatures. The slight webbing between our fingers and toes was not on the apes from which we descended. Nor was the flexible spine. Some humans can still hunt by walking along the bottom of the ocean. Others can adjust the dilation of their eyes to see as clearly underwater as they do above. They showed a clip of that. It is now burned into my retinas and freaking me the f out. (expecting some nightmares tonight).
It’s interesting if you think about Darwin and the ability of species to adapt themselves over generations to prolong life or become stronger somehow. As a human species, are we really doing that? In some instances, yes. In others, no.
We’ve developed systems, machines, technologies that seem to contribute to the demise or destruction of our planet. We are all well aware of the effects we are having on our environment. But we are still living longer, thanks in part to prophylactic measures.
My plan to live longer and to remove the part of my body that poses the biggest threat is essentially Darwinism. Is it evolution though? How will that happen for my future generations? If all the women affected by the BRCA gene have prophylactic surgery, will that change our DNA? I don’t really think so, but maybe there’s hope for future generations. Only time (and lots of it) will tell.

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