Chatty Kathy

One of the things I like about myself is that I’m outgoing. One of the things I dislike about myself is that I’m outgoing. Sometimes I leave a party, a lunch, a playgroup and say to myself, “could you have just shut up for a minute?”. I’m sure it’s as annoying to everyone else as it is to me. Most of the time, I’m trying to relate someone else’s experience to one that I’ve had in order to connect or make someone feel at ease. My intent is never to one-up (like Luann, ugh, enough already Countess, the Princess has you beat, in every instance).
Speaking of the Real Housewives of New York, a running theme this season is Ramona’s irritation with Heather’s constant jabber. Hi Pot, this is Kettle calling. Ramona is always yammering on and on with her crazy eyes and Pinot Grigio buzz. I’d like to go on record and rescind an earlier comment I made about liking the new broads on this season’s show. I’m fairly disenchanted with all of them (except Carole, at this point). Each one of these verbose women have their own agendas to promote. Whether it’s a business, a platform, a tv show in the works, a self image they hold with too much importance; it’s always something.
Am I really so different from my new NYC BFFs? (and by BFFs, I mean Bitchy Fake Friends). Sometimes, I feel like the self appointed advocate for BRCA genetic testing. I want to spread awareness. I want to hopefully save someone’s life by encouraging them to find out their own risks. I try not to push it on people, but I know I do. I hope I don’t go too far and become a bore to be around. I hope people feel they can get a word in edgewise and that we can still talk about other things. Otherwise, when friends see me, they’ll just see a boob (or a new pair of them, at least).

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