Pink in Bulk

No, Costco hasn’t started selling cotton candy (but yes, please). The title could, however, describe the big girl’s birthday party last Saturday complete with princess plates, napkins, and cups. When I got the shipment of Disney princess accoutrement from Oriental Trading, there was a catalogue for breast cancer bulk items as well. Really? You think the person who just ordered a plate with Belle, Cinderella and Ariel on it needs 50 pink ribbon key chains for the goody bags?
Yeah ok, maybe I will someday. It’s good to know where I can get them, but hey, Oriental Trading, you’re killing my princess buzz! Must I be reminded of what’s to come at every turn? Is the massive amount of pink swag actually benefitting breast cancer? Or is this company simply profiting off of the pink culture?
I read an article on NPR’s website that illustrated the dichotomy of the pink movement. It has absolutely raised awareness; undoubtedly a positive. But do people profit because others will buy things simply because they’re pink, not realizing where these monies are truly going? Will I buy something just because it has a pink ribbon it? Not necessarily, but if there’s an option between the pink for breast cancer or a generic option, then you better believe it. Then again, if there’s an option for a purple item for prostate or pancreatic cancer, I’d get that too over a generic white.
Yes, I love color, but I also love supporting a good cause. Is it so bad that in October, America glows breast cancer pink? I don’t think so. But the article had a valid argument of which I am totally guilty. It quoted one woman who urged people to “go deeper”. (that’s what she said). Find out exactly where your money is going. What are your donations actually funding? Make sure that you can be proud of pimping your pink.

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