Crying It Out

Whenever new parents ask me for baby tips, I always tell them that I’m happy to share my experiences but never ask me for sleep advice. Neither of my kids sleep through the night. Sure, the big one does occasionally, but more often than not, she’s up. It’s a miracle and a testament to our love for our kids that my husband and I have continued to get up with them for all of this time. When we were in college, my mom called us “marathon sleepers”. We could sleep forever. Yeah, we had been up partying a lot but even if we stayed in, we are night owls and daytime snoozers. Boy, how times have changed.
I can count on one hand the number of full nights of uninterrupted sleep that I’ve had in the past three years. I long for one of those luscious Tylenol PM-ish slumbers. This is one thing about having surgery that I’m actually looking forward to (well, that and the perky new boobs). I do feel, though, that I have to get my kids sleeping better before then. I know my husband can’t do it on his own and I don’t want anyone who will be helping us to have to wake up with them. If you don’t have that parental, unconditional love, a few middle of the night wakings will get really old, really fast.
For the past few nights, I’ve started to mildly sleep train the baby. She’s so good and happy during the day that I haven’t wanted to rock the boat, but it’s time. So far, she is doing well and I can see that she’s sleeping longer between the times when she wakes up and demands a bottle. My goal is to have her sleeping through the night by her first birthday (yes, I know that’s ridiculous. My goal should have been by three months old, but I’m slow). I haven’t yet had to make her cry longer than a few minutes. I hope she continues to be as easy going during this transition as she always is.
***In the spirit of complete honesty, before I got a chance to hit publish, she woke, had a bottle, cried and I caved. She fell back to sleep cuddling in my arms. My resolve dissolves when I hear the cry. Let’s see if I can be strong next time. As always, I’m forever hopeful I will find my inner strength.

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