There are definitely a few perks to having a double mastectomy. I am really looking forward to not having to wear a bra. We are going to a wedding and I got a new dress. It was on sale and I love it. It looks cool and is a much needed departure from my everyday mom gear. Ya know, the jeans and tees or shorts and tanks combos that I’ve been rocking for the past three years. The only problem with the new hotness is the old boobs. Sure, I have a strapless bra, but it’s sufficient, at best. Since I’m getting a new pair soon, I haven’t invested in one that’s the right size after breastfeeding the youngest. I may have to go with my backup dress and just play it safe tonight. But I know that one day next year I am going to be able to wear my new dress and not have to worry about my undergarments. Now that’s a luxury I haven’t had in 20-plus years!!

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