My friend from high school is due with her first child in a few weeks. She started a Facebook group of all of her friends who are moms or moms-to-be. It’s been a wonderful way for preggies to get advice from the seasoned veterans as well as a way for us to relive the excitement and anticipation we felt just before the birth of our little ones. As I responded to one woman’s question about what essentials she should include on her baby registry, I was reminded of how important it is to share knowledge.
I have always believed that the passing of information and the honest portrayal of experience is one of the greatest gifts you can give a friend. A family friend very generously offered to talk to me about her experiences during her own double mastectomy. I hadn’t really seen her much in the past few years, but she looked the same as I remembered her. That alone was comforting because she looked natural and like herself. I would have never guessed that her boobs weren’t the ones she had had so long ago. She prepared for our chat by typing up a list of things she thinks will be helpful for me to best prepare myself and my family for surgery. It’s incredible (and printed on really lovely, floral paper). I am so grateful for her advice and her willingness to share with me. While I hope none of my friends have to go through this, I will be sure to pay it forward and do as she did for me. For now, I will dole out the mommy tidbits to help the new moms assuage their fears and plan the best they can for their impending arrivals.

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