Overcoming Obstacles

Last night I was watching MasterChef. It’s a cooking competition in which Gordon Ramsey (the British d-bag from Hell’s Kitchen) judges amateur chefs for an ultimate prize. The series just started so this is when the audience meets the contestants. This season there is a blind chef.
She is a young woman with an autoimmune disease that affects her nerves and spinal cord. Over the past ten years she has totally lost her sight. Her husband helped her into the arena with the cart of her cooking tools and the things she needed to put the finishing touches on her meal. We saw her cut lemon, taste everything before she plated for presentation, and wow the judges with her delectable dish.
I can’t imagine the tenacity, the drive, and the passion this lady has for food. She must have endured many cuts, much frustration and moments where she just wanted to give up. She has overcome what seems like an insurmountable obstacle. In her aside, she spoke humbly, encouraging everyone facing hardship to put their mind to it and push through.
As if her story wasn’t enough, as we sat outside at our local deli having lunch today, we heard police sirens. Not the kind that indicate an emergency, but the sound of an important escort. It was the Special Olympic torch. Everything that procession embodies is incredible! Imagine the hurdles those athletes jump over during their lifetimes and in the games.
I’m going to try to keep them in mind when my recovery seems too daunting to persevere. I know there will be times when I get down and exhausted, but I am going to remember what this chef and all of those Special Olympic athletes face every day. What an inspiration!!

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