Everything in Moderation

It was pretty incredible to see the crowd at Buckingham Palace today celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I always get a little choked up when I see the fighter planes do their fly-by. It was so beautiful to see the red, white and blue streaming out of the jets. The patriotic smog was breathtaking. Or was it that I was holding my breath so the swarms of Brits didn’t inhale the jets’ fumes?
It has been said that the no-fly policy following 9/11 showed interesting facts about the polluting effects of airplanes. Some studies indicate that the greenhouse effect was diminished when the contrails from jet planes were not present during that three day period. Blah blah blah, more science. The bottom line is we all know that modern day technology and conveniences contribute to a more polluted environment for us to live in.
As I was watching some highly educational programming last night, I was reminded of the everyday toxins we are so willingly putting into our bodies for vanity’s sake. One woman on the show was trying to protect her friend from these chemicals. She discouraged her from ordering a diet soda exclaiming that it might give her cancer. Ok fine, these were Real Housewives of New York. Not exactly biochemists with real facts, but still.
There were some valuable takeaways from this brief exchange (as there always are from the Bravo housewives). The lady who ordered the diet soda infused with artificial sweeteners played devil’s advocate and asked “doesn’t everything cause cancer eventually”? Aviva (a new housewife on the series) replied, “maybe, but I’d like to stack the odds in my favor”. So wise. So very wise. They both ended up having iced tea. So not only did they show female camaraderie by trying to protect one another, they had a meaningful conversation about cancer and they both detest Ramona. These newbies are already my faves. I do agree that chemically enhanced foods should be consumed at a minimum. I don’t feed my kids any of that crap so I probably shouldn’t feed myself anything like it either. But damn, I love hot dogs!!! Everything in moderation.

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