It is often hard to put things in perspective. Try as I might, sometimes I feel woe is me. Don’t we all? My older daughter has had so many ear infections over the past six months that I think we have to get her tubes. (I literally just sighed out loud).
This most recent bilateral infection was a doozy. She was totally out of sorts and her fever persisted for days. She finally turned the corner yesterday afternoon and was really back to herself today. The baby started coughing tonight. So now I’ve been moping about as I clean up and get ready for bed. The universe can lay it on me when it comes to my own health. I can handle that. But don’t fuck with my kids! Hence, my audible exacerbation and distress.
As if to tell me “get over yourself” I just opened this month’s Real Simple to an article about a woman with polio. It’s not enough that she’s dealt with the disease her whole life, walks with a limp and has pain every day and night; she’s been traveling halfway around the world on a regular basis to deliver and administer vaccines for people in need. Not only do I wish I had the time, energy, funds, commitment and follow-through to be that kind of a volunteer, but it takes a great deal of selflessness to commit yourself to that kind of mission. I’m committed to helping my own children be healthy. This woman is ensuring that the children of people she doesn’t even know are healthy. They have endured without having modern medicine and things like tubes and prophylactic double mastectomies. Instead of wallowing over ear infections, common colds, and routine (albeit frightening) procedures, I am trying to feel grateful for the ability to be treated so easily and effectively. Ok, universe, I get it. Thanks for the message.

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