Behind every healthy man is a nagging woman. At least that’s what I’ve told my husband. When we found out that he had high cholesterol, he was less than thrilled. Not really because of the health risks, but more so because he was annoyed that none of his friends had to alter their diets and try to be healthier in their twenties. I assured him that the only reason they were still eating pork belly on a regular basis was that they didn’t have a girlfriend or wife to make them get their blood checked and find out what had to be addressed. It made me a little worried for his best friends. So I spread my nagging out for more men to enjoy. I sent them emails to encourage them to have a physical done with a complete blood work-up. They all did, and they all called me to report their findings (I didn’t request that part). Luckily, they are now either married, engaged or in a relationship. So my nagging responsibilities are once again only to my husband (his cholesterol is much better now).
I know I’m not the only one who pesters the men in her life to get their medical act together. Last weekend I was hanging out with a friend who told me that she has gotten her husband to start putting sunscreen on his face everyday. After a few years of his new regime, he has possibly reversed some of his previous sun damage. Her next goal is getting him to extend his coverage to his neck, chest and back of his hands.
My grandmother had melanoma on the back of her hands. It’s a spot that is difficult to remember to rub down but so easy to expose. Women are most likely to have melanoma on their lower legs and arms. For men, it’s their head, upper body and neck. I’ve mentioned before that people with a BRCA 1 mutation are more likely to get melanoma, so obviously skin cancer is something I’m trying to be more vigilant about protecting myself and my family from developing. Much to my husband’s chagrin, next up is the annual body scan. If only I could find a really hot female dermatologist, then maybe he wouldn’t procrastinate that appointment.

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