Conspiracy Theory

You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  It’s an old saying, but I try to keep it in mind when I’m dealing with people. Specifically those who are supposed to be helping me and have severely disappointed me thus far, like the ones at the local radiology office.  It’s been about a month since I had the ultrasound on my liver and I finally got the comparison report this evening at 8:30pm.  Wait for it…. inconclusive.  Shocked?  I’m not.
After the waiting, the persistent phone calls, the attempts for sympathy (yes, I finally stooped that low), I received that very revealing evaluation.  So I asked myself, what kind of business are they running?  And a light went off… that’s just it, it’s a business.  Since I was little, I viewed doctors as noble individuals who sacrifice their family time to help others.  Sure, they get paid for it and they chose the profession; but with the brain power it takes to be any kind of doctor, they didn’t have to use their intelligence for the sole purpose of helping others. Maybe it’s because my dad is a doctor and there were people calling our house at all hours with dental emergencies.  He never flinched, always picked up and offered his knowledge to ease their pain or anxiety.  I think this is why I’m feeling so disgruntled. 
When I asked why there was such a delay in getting the comparison report it was because the doctor who read my ultrasound was on vacation.  Totally legit, it’s a holiday weekend coming up, people take vacations.  My follow up question was whether I could get another doctor to take a look and make the comparison.  The answer: “Our doctors don’t comment on each other’s reports.  Once one has read an image, no one else can look at it.”  Is that the most ridiculous thing ever?  Where are the checks and balances?  Government, as corrupt as it is rumored to be, even has a system in place to double check their judgements. As a patient, I would like more than one doctor looking at my images, especially when they can’t decide if they’re looking at the right suspicious mass on my liver.  I feel like they’re punishing me for asking them to go out of their way to … do their job!  My conspiracy theory is that they don’t really need another MRI but they can make a bunch of money off of ordering me to have one there.  So, after thinking about it and having my husband and my mother come up with the same conclusion on their own, I’ve decided I’m going to head back into the city and have another ultrasound.  It’s a cheaper test than an MRI and done at the hospital where I will have my surgery.  While I initially didn’t want to schlep back in for a little ultrasound, now, I think it’s totally worth it.  Get me back in the hands of the competent, thorough doctors that spotted this crap in the first place.  Maybe I’ll make some appointments to meet some plastic surgeons when I go in and this time, I’m really going to Serendipity!!

One thought on “Conspiracy Theory

  1. I have been reading all your blogs and just love your style of delivering what makes you anxious, sad or frustrated, as in this ridiculous run around by the radiology practice you expected to compare your x-rays in a timely fashion, because you always end with a little tidbit that makes me chuckle.
    Thank you for sharing what has to be a most difficult time for you as a young woman, wife and mother. You display tremendous courage and inspire even those of us who are not experiencing the exact same challenges at this time in our lives. I guess what keeps me reading, aside from your Tina Feyesque humor, is that life is so unpredictable, and one day if Ii am faced with what seems to be insurmountable adversity, I will want to refer to your blog and draw strength.

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