Wonderful Wednesday

I feel relaxed and accomplished today. This is rare for me, so I’m trying to bask in it. The day didn’t start out all sunshine and fairy wings. The baby woke up before 6am and by 9am my two year old had a little “accident”. Potty training isn’t really that much fun. I also had the pleasure of speaking to my doctor’s office and the radiologist’s office about three times each in the past 24 hours. That’s right, still no results on the liver (hopefully tomorrow). But as the day rolled on, things got better.
The baby took a two hour morning nap. I got to make phone calls, to take care of some of my to-dos, started a load of laundry all while the big one was happy amusing herself. Then we went to a little playdate. The gift of free time came at 12:30 when my mother and mother-in-law came to kick me out. I took a Pilates class, had a healthy lunch, got my nails done and topped it off by going to the bank and the grocery store!!!! I even got to read some of my book. So rejuvenating!
Thanks to the Grandmas and this break in my day, my week really, I was patient and fun when it was time for dinner and bedtime. We even had a dance party. I’m thinking my post-Pilates endorphins had something to do with this mood too.
I hate to work out. I like to sing “I-I-I work out” (I don’t go as far as “I’m sexy and I know it” but I do wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle). Pilates is the only form of exercise I actually enjoy. It’s enough of the balletic body movement I loved as a young ballerina and enough of the strengthening and toning I need as an adult. My spunky two year old wanted to pretend I was a horse the other day after she rode the carousel for the first time this past weekend. Hopping on my back when I didn’t expect it threw my back out for a day. I was surprised that that was all it took. She’s barely 30 pounds, soaking wet. I thought, I better strengthen my core before surgery or I’m not going to be able to propel myself out of my recliner when using my pecs and arms really aren’t an option. With a little chuckle, my husband just said, “yup, you’re getting old babe”. I not so gently reminded him that although he will forever look 18, he’s exactly 1 year, 3 months and 2 days older than I am. Let’s see what happens when he’s playing Suddenly Secretariat!

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